Cynthea Pope
Subject Matter Expert
Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it!" Cynthea V. Pope, who has been educating middle American families about their finances for over 10 years, believes these are words to live by. Cynthea decided to expand the family business in the heart of her community in Brooklyn, New York where she specializes in asset protection and asset management. Cynthea and her team of professional money coaches thrive on helping others reach financial success - by any means necessary - by taking a “no excuses” approach in everything she does and instills those same principles into the clients she serves.
As a Brooklyn native with Caribbean roots has made it her life’s mission to help educate her community about creating and keeping a legacy of generational wealth. As a financial professional holding financial degrees, licenses & accreditations, Cynthea opened an office hub in the heart of Rosedale, a city in Queens, NY.
A true believer of the saying “each one, teach one” Cynthea shares simple money concepts to not only educate communities where this type of information may not be readily available but to help them implement these concepts. Her mission: To help push communities towards financial freedom and away from financial bondage. Cynthea’s team consists of an amazing group of professional and progressive agents who share their vision of change within the community.