Diversity & Inclusion Programming

Ethos’s specializes in entrepreneurial education for minority, under-funded, and first-generation adults. This population mirrors those historically disenfranchised in the entrepreneurial space.

Ethos in Action

#BlackBoss: Educating & Creating Diverse Founders
Educators, founders, investors and ecosystem builders will share how educators can embed diversity and representation into their programs while ensuring students of color know their potential.

As the global population of students becomes more diverse, Ethos believes that university entrepreneurship centers are in a unique position to ensure that all students have the education necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Ethos works with entrepreneurship centers to host a two-day, student-facing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program. Ethos’ engagement with the centers include an initial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assessment to survey the university’s minority community. This preliminary assessment informs the specifics of the two-day program and identifies opportunities and challenges for the entrepreneurship community.

Ethos’s diversity philosophy considers every individual’s geographic and socio-economic background, and their racial, gender, and sexual identity. We believe these factors are crucial in understanding the entrepreneurs we aim to serve. This philosophy has led Ethos to create community-specific programs that meet learners where they are and how they learn.

Ethos has discovered that minority entrepreneurs face particular difficulties in: gaining access to financial and educational resources, building and scaling cohesive teams, navigating feelings of self-doubt, overcoming unfamiliarity with organizational development, and fostering a belief in their entrepreneurial abilities. These findings have been particularly prevalent in the Black Tech Entrepreneurship community. 

Day 1: Leading For Diversity

Audience: Student Leaders
This program will provide student leaders, selected by university staff, with training on how to create inclusiveenvironments and attract and retain diversity within their organizations.

Day 2: Unlocking Potential

Audience: Diverse Student Population
This program will work with students traditionally underrepresented in the university’s entrepreneurship center and provide a custom 6- to 8-hour program that directly addresses a core challenge identified in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Assessment.



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